Meet Wiley Cozart

Wiley Cozart is the owner and manager of Wreaths of Distinction, Inc.  Wiley’s Christian Faith defines him and directs him in the day-to-day management of the company. Being a fair and humble businessman is Wiley’s top priority, with every client and person he comes in contact with.

Wiley is a firm believer in the Golden Rule — do unto others as you would have then do unto you.  In addition to treating his customers fairly and ethically, Wiley never asks his employees to do things he wouldn’t do himself.  Quality work and quality products are central to the value that Wreaths of Distinction offers to its customers.

Wiley is also mindful of the blessings we all enjoy as citizens of our great country.  In addition to embracing our freedoms, Wiley also supports our economy as much as possible, by purchasing as many materials as he can from companies that manufacture and produce their products here in the United States.

Wiley’s wife Kim is a big part of his life and a key part of the Wreaths of Distinction operation.  Her involvement, in addition to the efforts of other long-time employees, helps Wreaths of Distinction Inc. maintain the kind of customer-first, dedicated reputation the business is known for.

When Wiley was looking to acquire and operate a new business, there were many qualities about Wreaths of Distinction that appealed to him.  For starters, Wreaths of Distinction Inc. is a long-standing, service-oriented business, that has earned a reputation over the past few decades for exceeding customer expectations.  From its inception, the Wreaths of Distinction Inc. team has worked hard to achieve full customer satisfaction, and has many long-time, loyal clients as proof.

There’s also a lot of pride that comes from doing great work, that will bring joy and happiness to the people who experience it.  Especially in today’s complicated world, being a source of positive experiences is very satisfying.  By working closely with our clients, Wiley is able to help them make a great impression and bring enjoyment to the customers they serve.  Being in a profession that brings attention and enthusiasm to the holidays and occasions that make our Faith and country great, is an added bonus.

It is fair to say that Wiley considers himself, his family and business to be truly blessed, and works diligently to share these qualities of service with every client.  Wiley and the Wreaths of Distinction Inc. organization hope to have the opportunity to help you enjoy this same type of experience, and to assist you in sharing it with your customers.


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Christmas Decorations

No one decorates for the Christmas season like Wreaths of Distinction Inc. We are proud to supply trees, lights, garland, banners, and of course, wreaths to businesses, shopping centers, office parks and communities throughout the Research Triangle and surrounding areas.

Year-Round Decorations

For many clients, decorating doesn't end at Christmas! Wreaths of Distinction Inc. helps businesses, communities, property managers, shopping centers and neighborhoods year-round. We provide seasonal banners and specialty lighting for your building, trees and more!

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